Message from CEO

Greetings to all the wonderful children, parents and the visitors,

"The final destination is not always what matters, it is the journey that keeps us all excited and alive with the connects, experiences, adventures along the way creating the wonderful universe that we are a part of"

Apeejay Schools are intellectual and creative centers that enable learners to imbibe the three powerful virtues of a truly educated individual - Strength, Vision and Wisdom.

Since our first school came up in 1975 in Kolkata, Apeejay Schools have won innumerable accolades for academic excellence and admiration for the strong bond of trust and faith shared between parents, teachers and students. With an unrelenting focus on the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental growth of the child we prepare a little over 2000 children, annually, to mature into socially responsible citizens.

I believe our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of community. The Apeejay staff makes absolutely certain that everyone is involved in our Apeejay Schools Family. In such a secure setting, students are free to challenge themselves and take risks that will lead them to realize their full potential. More importantly you will find a school with warmth. The students and their parents will find themselves part of an extraordinarily friendly community, a school that is both welcoming and warm and unpretentious and one where the students and the staff get on exceptionally well together.

Although we maintain our connect to our vibrant multi-community roots, we are keenly aware of the kind of knowledge and experience our students will need to succeed in the future. Talk to any of our teachers and you will find an openness to adopting new teaching ideas, that strengthen and enhance our programs. It is this combination of tradition and innovation that will prepare our students for continued success in their life. Recognizing how impressionable the school years are in a child's life; at Apeejay Schools we inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Our goal is that students leave Apeejay Schools with inquisitiveness about their world and a belief in education that they will keep throughout their lives. We aim to produce well-rounded, articulate and confident young people who are well equipped to face the world outside the School.

We are able to offer a wonderful range of indoor and outdoor activities, sports, field trips, day camps, hikes, drama, art and music woven seamlessly into the school day. This approach successfully addresses individual learning styles, aptitudes and needs from remedial to gifted.

The teachers are role models and double as, coaches and tutors. This tight knit community helps to promote personal-worth and accountability. While meeting the individual needs of each student, Apeejay Schools also asks each child to contribute his particular aptitudes or skills. We aspire to help each child embrace a joyful and healthy life. The priority for our team is the welfare of the children and all of us here at the schools are striving hard to be certain that every single boy and girl is happy.

However, let me emphasize that Apeejay Schools is a thinking-doing school where the children experience the joy of learning without compromising on the rigour required for excellence and also discover a passion for learning that lasts their lifetime.

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Yours sincerely

Kiranjit Singh Pannu

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