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School Schedule :- Mondays to Fridays
LKG – II - Timings - 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.
III – XII - Timings - 8.00 a.m. to 2.40 p.m.
No School for LKG – X
XI – XII – Timings 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.
Class Tests, Clubs, Special Classes & Practical Classes ( XI & XII)

School Attendance & Punctuality

  • Regularity in school attendance is mandatory. The school reserves the right to withhold student with less than 75% attendance from appearing for Final Examinations and / or Board Examinations.
  • Pupils who have been absent from class must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in a letter addressed to the Principal or in the relevant section of the school diary. Please note that Birthdays, excursions, urgent business etc,. are not sufficient reasons. Being absent from school in order to study is not allowed.
  • Those who return to school after absenting themselves without leave shall not enter the classroom without the sanction of the Principal and without a letter from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for absence.
  • The names of students who remain absent without leave for more than a week may be struck off the school rolls.
    No child will be permitted to come to school only to appear for grades/tests and then allowed to leave. If a child is fit to do the test, he/she shall be deemed fit and expected to stay for the entire duration of the school hours.
    Parents / Guardians are not allowed to see their children during school hours and / or visit the classrooms or to take away their wards during school hours without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Attendance on Opening Day after any vacation is compulsory. A child not attending the school that day will stand to lose his/her place in the school rolls. Inability to attend school on opening day for special reasons must be informed before hand and permission sought for the same from the Principal.

    Release of Students
    No student from LKG to class VIII shall be released without Identity Card. Loss of Identity card should be immediately brought to the notice of the school authorities via letter and application for duplicate identity card.

    Identity Card
    Every Child shall be issued two sets of Cards
    1. School Identity Card (Laminated) which the child has to sport around the neck everyday.
    2. School Release Card for the parents to get when they come to collect their ward. No child from LKG to Class VIII shall be released without the School Release Card.
    3. School Bus Release Card - All students availing the School Contract Bus Service must carry this School Bus Release Card before boarding the allocated bus.
    Student Deportment
    Pupils are expected to address all members of the staff with respect and politeness at all times. They are expected to deport themselves well and behave in a courteous manner both inside and outside the school premises. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. Each article should be marked with the pupil's name. Students are advised to deposit articles/ lost property found in the school with their class teacher No Periodicals , books, Newspapers, CD's of objectionable nature shall be brought into the school. Students are forbidden to practice any borrowing or lending. Students should take care of school property. Any damage done to school property will have to be made good by the pupil concerned. Students are advised to make use of the dust bins provided for disposal of waste paper etc. They are expected to keep the campus neat and clean. Students are not allowed to make phone calls without the permission of the Office-in- Charge. No student will be permitted to attend telephone calls during their class periods unless they are very urgent. Use of mobile phones by students in the school campus is strictly prohibited. No child is allowed to bring gifts for friends or teachers for any occasion. No pupil is allowed to take tuitions from school teachers. If a child is found flouting this rule, he / she loses his/ her seat and the teacher concerned loses his/her position. Any student failing two years in the same class or failing twice in three consecutive years is considered withdrawn from the school.

    School Uniform
    It is compulsory for all students to come to school in proper uniform for the day. The uniform is as follows:-
    Regular Days - Boys-(Summer ) White Monogrammed Shirt,
                        Blue shorts (classes LKG to V) Blue Trousers,
                      classes VI to XII) Black Leather shoes (school
                      shoes) and Uniform Belt.
                      (Winter) White mongrammed shirt. Navy blue plain
                      jersey with white stripes at the border / or Blazer.
                      Blue trousers with Uniform Belt. School Necktie is
                      compulsory for all.
    Girls - (Summer) White Monogramed Shirt, Blue Skirts , Black
                      Leather shoes (school shoes) with Knee length
                     white socks and Uniform Belt.
    (Winter) White mongramed shirt. Navy blue plain jersey with
                  white stripes at the border/or Blazer. School Necktie
                  is compulsory for all.
    On P.T. Days :-
    House colour P.T. Uniform is compulsory for all. White Canvas shoes to be worn by all.

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