Dear Students,
School life is hectic, replete with arduous studies, demanding project work, and gruelling plethora of activities but most importantly all have been enjoyable and agreeable. Now dear students, you stand on the threshold of macro world poised to leave the microcosmic world of school. Indubitably you have faced challenges and experienced pressure of studies, now is the time for you to unburden yourself and relieve the tension of all the years of Academics you have attempted to master. Diligence brings its own reward, so your effort will yield the result that is expected. Attempt not to ponder over the future or the past, the present is the only reality for you, which claims from you a calm and composed attitude for your examinations. A quiet fortitude and a confident demeanour is your birthright, discover that in you and face the challenge of exams with a smile on your face.
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Best of luck!!
Your teachers in school

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Therefore, all are requested to visit or to note the safety and security information and thus can be safe while using the gadgets and Internet.