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Education & learning are continuous processes in a world that is rapidly changing. It is therefore incumbent especially on those individuals who opt to be teachers, in these times of rapid change, to equip themselves adequately to learn the skills to make their students ready for the challenges of globalization they will face once they graduate from School. Apeejay Schools favour continuous, qualitative enhancement of knowledge as an essential part of the scope of work for the Faculty. The school endorses and encourages regular workshops in pursuit of upgradation of our educational institution. Listed below are some of the seminars and workshops:

i. Proactive parenting For parents of our students
ii. Motivation and learning process for our teachers
iii. Stress related issues in pedagogy for both parents and teachers
iv. Career counselling For students.
v. Modern learning and teaching methods using technology for our teachers.
vi. Training by CBSE subject experts for our subject teachers.
vii. Theatre workshop for Students

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